The skylines of all our towns and cities proudly showcase the handiwork of the UK construction industry – iconic buildings like the Shard in London, new hospitals, schools, office blocks, apartments and much more.  And it’s not just buildings, the industry creates and maintains the vital infrastructure upon which our economy depends – roads, railways, airports, bridges, utilities, waste management facilities and power stations.  Construction accounts for over 7% of GDP and around 10% of the UK workforce.

Construction is also an industry that is changing rapidly.  Digital approaches to design, manufacturing, construction and operation of assets are transforming the industry and providing exciting opportunities for young men and women in all disciplines.  Construction has a key role to play in tackling the impact of climate change.  Low carbon solutions are being sought across the whole of the built environment, changing what we build, how we build it and what materials we use.  In short, the construction industry of the future is far removed from that of the past.

There are many career opportunities within the built environment – for architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, environmental specialists and skilled and semi-skilled trades of many types.  Some of these require degree-level or other HE qualifications, others are accessed via apprenticeship schemes.  The broad nature of construction makes it an industry suitable for girls and boys of a wide range of abilities to pursue rewarding and varied careers.

The scale of the construction task ahead is immense.  A pipeline of future projects in the UK stretching a long way into the future comprises a massive amount of new housing, impressive transport schemes, exciting new buildings and infrastructure of all kinds.  And it won’t just be new build projects.  The UK’s existing building stock is in need of extensive refurbishment to improve its energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions.  All of this work creates career opportunities.  There is plenty of work ahead.

In addition to the workload ahead in the UK, a career in construction offers opportunities to work overseas.  The global construction market is forecast to grow by 70% by 2025 and there is no indication that this will stop.  UK construction professionals are in demand across the globe,

So why should young people consider construction as a career of choice?  In addition to the scale and variety of job opportunities available across the industry, a career in the built environment makes a difference to the world – creating new and improved communities for this and future generations.