"ScreenSkills, formerly known as Creative Skillset, is the industry-led charity responsible for skills and training at every stage of a career in UK screen – which also includes visual effects (VFX), animation and video games. We don’t train actors but cover the wide array of roles behind the camera.

"Our website offers careers information and free resources including downloadable information sheets on jobs ranging from craft and technical roles through writers, producers and directors and all parts of the business, such as accounts and distribution.

Research suggests that workers in the creative industries are less likely than most, to be replaced by robots!

"We run Open Doors events, which are meetings for 16 to 30-year-olds hosted UK-wide to raise awareness of career paths and provide chances to meet screen professionals.

"Our boot camps offer guidance on next steps, including how to make contacts, and act as preparation for the ScreenSkills Trainee Finder scheme, where successful applicants receive training on issues such as health and safety before being placed on films and prestige television dramas such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Mamma Mia! 2, Derry Girls and Black Mirror.

"If you are thinking of pursuing your ambitions at a university or further education college, we have the ScreenSkills Tick which is a signpost to courses relevant to a career in film or TV. We work with industry experts to quality mark courses that deliver the practical skills and knowledge employers want and we list all accredited courses in a searchable directory on the ScreenSkills website.

"Until now, the Tick has been largely adopted by universities but we are conducting trials designed to make it work better for further education, too.

"And once you’re in the industry, stay in touch as we have courses to keep the workforce up-to-date.

"The UK’s screen industries are growing and need people with a wide mix of expertise. There are more jobs than many people realise – and research suggests that workers in the creative industries are much less likely than most to be replaced by robots. It is a highly competitive sector but also exciting and rewarding. Welcome."