Nowadays, a lot of people learn to code online and lots of others attend 12 week coding bootcamps like Makers Academy to learn the fundamentals of web-development and start their career as a junior developer, most of them taking less than 6 months to train and start their job.


What’s the difference however between a Computer Science Degree and Coding Bootcamps like Makers Academy?

  • Computer Science isn’t a vocational degree.

Unlike similar vocational degrees like Medicine or Law, Computer Science isn’t a degree that’s intended to necessarily prepare you with the required skills to work as a developer. This doesn’t have to be a criticism. As the word ‘science’ implies, Computer Science programmes tend to focus on the high-level, theoretical concepts of programming rather than the practical day-to-day techniques that a modern software developer must master in order to get hired. A good example would be test-driven development: a core concept taught at Makers Academy.

  • Three years is a lifetime in the tech industry

Admittedly, some degree programmes have tried to move towards a more practical, less theoretical approach. But there’s another problem – 3 years is a loooong time in tech. We’re talking dinosaur years.

We’re lucky enough to accept new classes every 6 weeks at MA. 6 weeks sounds like nothing, but every intake, without fail, we’ll make several significant updates to the course material. Even 6 weeks is a long time in tech but CS degrees take 3 or 4 years, which (in our world) is an eternity. For universities, staying current is extremely tough - some might even say structurally impossible. Changing the curriculum means navigating red tape, buying new textbooks and materials (which, in the case of the latest technologies, might not even exist), rewriting exams, retraining lecturers etc.


Getting students job ready


It’s predicted that 300,000 new recruits are needed to fill IT employment gaps by 2023 (UKCES). This has to be done, and fast, and a part of our business model at Makers Academy is charging companies a hiring fee and because the quality of our students is so high, companies are happy to pay.

The dev world doesn’t care about degrees or certificates – it’s just looking for smart, passionate coders from any background (and willing pay top dollar for them). There’s really never been a better time to learn to code.

Regardless of the differences at the end of the day it boils down to your motivations. Do you want to learn to code in a short space of time? Do you want to get a job as a junior developer? Or maybe the entrepreneur in you just wants to get your product out there and prove the viability of it as soon as you can? If this sounds like you then applying to our immersive 12 week coding course may well be for you.

Makers Academy is a fully immersive, 12 week computer programming bootcamp. It's like Oxbridge meets the Royal Marines, but for people who want to learn to code, and is designed to turn people with no knowledge of web-development into job-ready junior developers in just 12 weeks. We’re Europe’s #1 Developer Bootcamp, running a new class of 25 highly selected students every 6 weeks: