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Ben Rubery

Apprentices Programme Manager, Capgemini

What impact have degree apprenticeships had on your business?

Since we started running degree apprenticeships we’ve seen some fantastic results. Degree apprentices bring a brilliant sense of energy to the organisation, a really strong work ethic, ambition, collaborative spirit.

The results are impressive also. Over 88% of individuals completing our flagship degree apprenticeship programme have achieved a 2:1 or above. We currently have over 250 apprenticeship students with 50% tracking for a first-class degree. That’s far outperforming regular undergraduate projections – so the results are really tangible.

What are the secrets to success of running a degree apprenticeship programme?

The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, two years ago, made it easy for employers to utilise an untapped pot of money and feel they have to go out and spend it. But employers need to carefully consider what value they want to bring in before they go out and spend it.

We currently have over 250 apprenticeship students with 50% tracking for a first-class degree.

Looking at quality over quantity is key. It’s a really competitive space and there are lots of training providers out there vying for potential applicants – so be sure to deliver quality and add value to individuals looking to join the organisation.

How do you see degree apprenticeships progressing in the future?

As trailblazers in the field, we are looking to diversify our range of programmes. Traditionally, we look for technical qualifications, but with an apprenticeship we are able to think differently, looking at those with creative qualifications or existing degrees we can reskill.

We are seeing increased demand to grow our capabilities, not just for future technologists. We are moving toward developing future service delivery managers and leaders of the organisation – through degree apprenticeships.

Also, look out for more collaboration. As students train as a cohort, apprentices can visit and learn alongside like-minded employers. The opportunity for collaboration and future-proofing talent is fantastic.

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February 2019

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