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Apprenticeships 2018

Five top tips for apprenticeship applicants


Nick White

On the Day Manager at The Job Fair Network

Anyone applying for an apprenticeship will get the best results if they bear five important things in mind, says Nick White from The Job Fair Network.

Anyone applying for an apprenticeship would benefit from drawing up a five-point plan of action says Nick White, On the Day Manager at The Job Fair Network, a company which organises recruitment fairs across the UK.

First, do some research into the employers in your area who are offering apprenticeships,” says White. “Look on the national Apprenticeships website — and also The Job Fair Network website to see which companies are going to a fair in your area.”

Secondly, when you have secured an interview, get to your appointment early and present yourself smartly and professionally.

Thirdly, make sure you show any potential employer that you know about their company,” says White. “Remember to smile, show enthusiasm and be yourself.” Be as prepared as possible before the interview by thinking about the questions you might be asked, and practice answering them.

 The fourth tip is to show willing. “When you have secured your apprenticeship, volunteer for anything that is on offer,” says White. “This will give you experience, a chance to develop the skills that you don’t yet have, and prove that you are keen to get involved. That means you’ll be valued by your employer.”

Finally, in the latter half of your apprenticeship, ask to meet with your employer for a feedback session. “This will show that you have a self-starting attitude,” says White. “It will also demonstrate that you intend to stay with the company and are keen to find out about the opportunities that may be on offer within the firm.” This approach certainly worked for the award-winning Sean Heppinstall whose apprenticeship with The Job Fair Network led to an offer of full time employment — and promotion to Team Leader.

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