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You grow up quickly with an apprenticeship


Greg Wolverson

Software Engineer Lead And Degree Apprenticeship Graduate

What made you decide to take the degree apprenticeship route rather than a traditional, academic degree?

During my A-levels, I wasn’t really sure what to do, but I realised I didn’t really want to go to university.

Software intrigued me and during my second year I started looking into IT roles. I had various options but most pointed toward software engineering or computer science at university, but they just didn’t appeal.

I saw an advert for degree programmes at Capgemini, a global consulting, technology services and digital transformation company, and, although there were lots of unknowns, I knew I wanted to go into software. I wanted to work, and I didn’t want to be saddled with debt. It just felt like a great route into the industry.

How has doing a degree apprenticeship benefitted you professionally and personally?

Personally, you compare yourself to a standard university path, where you are in flux between school and the adult world. You grow up really quickly and pick up a lot of skills, balancing work, home life and studying.

Professionally, you are doing real work for real clients, all while studying. It helps hone that professionalism. You develop focus and have proper, industry-based conversations with your tutors.

How much do you feel valued as an employee as a result of your pathway into the company?

It’s one of the things you are apprehensive about when you join. The typical view of apprenticeships is that you do menial tasks, but from the first project you are treated like everyone else. You are treated as an engineer.

That’s one of the great things about the degree apprenticeship programme; they give you responsibility and freedom to develop as an individual and an employee. Click to link to find out more.

February 2019

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