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Five factors to look at when searching for an apprenticeship

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Anna Morrison CBE

Director, Amazing Apprenticeships

When it comes to apprenticeships, researching the options might feel complex. Although some of the core elements of apprenticeships remain the same, such as the available levels, there are also several variables to consider.

What do we really mean when we say, ‘Keep your options open’? It’s about taking time to explore and research all of the options that might be available to you and only saying no — or ruling something out — when you know that you’ve looked at everything.

The job roles

There are more than 680 different apprenticeship standards covering thousands of different job roles. Each apprenticeship will be different, with employers designing the job roles that they need for their businesses.

The job title

The job roles themselves will have different titles that are decided by the employer. Some might sound obvious, but some might sound more obscure. Try not to let this put you off, and always take a look at the role description before ruling it out.

The employers

Employers of all sizes from every corner of the country offer apprenticeships, so there are many vacancies to look through and companies to compare. Although it might be tempting to look at the big names that feel more familiar, there are thousands of fantastic vacancies with smaller employers, too.

Considering apprenticeships is
not a ‘once in a lifetime’ decision.

The terms and conditions

Employers can set their own terms and conditions. They will decide what to pay (as long as it meets the minimum wage for apprentices), and they will decide on the holiday and any extras that you may be entitled to receive.

When and where they are advertised

Knowing where to look and when to apply is one of the biggest tasks you will need to consider. Apprenticeships could be advertised on the Government website ‘Find an Apprenticeship,’ through jobs sites, through social media and also on the employer’s own website.

Considering apprenticeships is not a ‘once in a lifetime’ decision. Apprenticeships can be a great choice for those leaving school or college but are also a brilliant option for later in your career as a way to increase your skills or even re-train for a new career. Apprenticeships can be started at any age, so my key piece of advice: keep your options open.

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