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Consulting, Deloitte

When he was growing up, Baba turned to his mum for inspiration. Now, he’s an Analyst in Consulting with aspirations to become a mentor to others who need extra support. We speak to him about his upbringing, passion for sport and learning to find his feet in the workplace.

Growing up in a deprived area in Hackney, Baba gained his childhood inspiration from his mum, who worked two or three jobs to keep their heads above water.

Sports and education

During his teenage years, he got his first taste of mentorship when a local teacher took an interest in his basketball skills. “If it hadn’t been for his belief in me, I don’t think I would have gone as far as I did,” Baba admits.

He was even offered the opportunity to play in the states as part of a college scheme but decided against it. 

“I knew I wanted to make my mum proud and pay her back for everything she’s done for me. I also knew I had to make a unique route for myself to build my own options,” he says.

Using the support of a company called upReach, he applied for the Deloitte Summer Vacation Scheme, before eventually joining the graduate programme in 2021.

“I chose Deloitte because it seemed like the most diverse firm for professional services. I joined Consulting, and I’m now part of Digital.”

I also knew I had to make a unique route
for myself to build my own options.

Embracing diversity and mentorship

Since joining the company, Baba has been assessed for ADHD by a GP. He’s open about being neurodiverse and has received the support he needs from his team. 

“I feel that I’m able to talk about it, and I won’t be negatively judged.”

Now a mentor to his friends and family, Baba believes being a role model to the younger generation is what life is about. In the future, he aspires to mentor new graduates too. 

In terms of tackling some of society’s inequalities, he’s pleased to see the work that’s being done at Deloitte to tackle unconscious bias.

He concludes: “They’re taking the right steps to combat this by having many initiatives in place that encourage better representation.”

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