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National Apprenticeship Week 2019

How to get on-the-job training while studying at university

Students can now get practical training alongside academic courses after a leading university launched a new program in collaboration with industry partners.

By building up strong relationships with businesses over several years, the University of Salford is now able to offer a brand-new scheme for students wanting a hands-on, work-based, high quality learning experience.

Through the university’s Industry Collaboration strategy, students are offered a real-world approach to learning through Degree Apprenticeships covering a wide range of disciplines – including business, health, construction, engineering and digital.

Apprenticeships provide businesses with the chance to upskill or recruit new talent, increase retention, utilise funding and boost productivity.

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Take a look at some employers below who are already reaping the benefits of employing apprentices as part of their workforce.

Career development

Deborah Seddon, Haematology and Blood Bank Manager,
NHS (Salford Royal Foundation Trust)

“We are currently supporting an employee through the BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science apprenticeship programme at Salford.

“The initial interest within the NHS in apprenticeships came from the impact the levy was having on our budget.

“I really believe apprenticeships are the way forward for our career. Being able to grow your own talent and nurture the individual along the way results in a more knowledgeable Biomedical Scientist at the end.

“I also believe it is healthy to have employees on such training programmes in the department as it keeps everyone on their toes – we are all continually refreshing our knowledge of developments in the field.

“I am passionate about Salford and about increasing the opportunities for individuals across the region and apprenticeships are the perfect route for people to pursue a career across a number of different sectors.”

Apprenticeships give businesses the chance to bring new talent into its workforce – click here to find out more.

Upskill your staff

John Fenton, Personnel Director, HMG Paints Limited

“I feel that the next few years are fundamental to all our futures. HMG have found that to compete in the global marketplace we now operate, we need new skills and we believe that some of the best people of the future are already in our organisation, hence our investment in upskilling. 

“For an organisation such as ourselves, the newly introduced apprenticeship levy helps fund our training program.

“However, the real success comes from the hard work of three different bodies: our training provider, our company and most importantly the apprentice.”

Bring fresh talent into your business

Barry Roberts, Area Director (North West), Morgan Sindall

“We have found the apprenticeship is a really good opportunity for employees to mix with students from other companies and share experiences and knowledge.

“I would recommend the apprenticeship route as an excellent way to bring talent into your business and it makes great use of the levy.

“We have been able to take on new roles that we previously wouldn’t have been able to which is a really positive step for us.”

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