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Quality students are applying for both uni degrees and apprenticeships

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Rebecca Hopwood

Apprenticeships Lead, UCAS Media

The key to successful apprentice recruitment is to think a little bit differently. Anyone looking for talent has their go-to sources, their local feeder schools that deliver the goods – but whether you’re looking for your next business whizz, an up and coming legal eagle, or some budding engineers, it’s always worth taking a different view.

For thousands of students, research for uni and apprenticeships now goes hand in hand. We know that understanding among influencing teachers and parents is low, but we’re seeing more and more quality students research and then apply for both routes at the same time.

In fact, one in eight of the uni applicants we asked had also applied for an apprenticeship. They’re up front about it and, because of that, it makes sense to ensure that your opportunity is up front and centre with them.

Make your company known to potential apprentices

That behaviour is self-driven. While we know that influencers play a major part in the decision-making process, in those early research days, students don’t know, what they don’t know.

So, you need to make sure they know about you.

To get it right, talent managers and those within HR should focus their recruitment. Yes, brand presence is important, but to minimise the wastage in any recruitment campaign is even more important.

Think about where it makes sense to appear – so that you are only seen by those who are genuinely in the market for the opportunity you have on offer.

It’s not news that good marketing should be driven by data, but with good recruitment it should be top of your list.

With the clock ticking, early engagement campaigns (so a student sees an apprenticeship as an option), and then activity to bring in higher quality, more relevant applications, can make all the difference.

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